The community owned token fighting to spread the wealth


at BurnieMoon, we call it "Wealthfare"

We live in a financial system that is inherently unequal. Many people are locked into 9 to 5 jobs and earn a “living wage” that just barely gets them by. BurnieMoon aims to level the financial playing field.

Sadly, this is how most meme coins are designed today— a design that rewards the “whales” for getting in early and “Hodling”... only to dump anytime they wish, leaving so many of us holding the bag. So, while all the small and medium holders like us are clawing tooth and nail, the whales just sit back and collect their taxes. If you’ve wondered why you feel insignificant with your small bag of “safemoon” or “hoge”, well, frankly, you may have been late getting in— you were rugged. You are not alone.



Happily, BurnieMoon has the solution to address financial inequality.
With all transactions, buy and sell, 3% of tokens are redistributed to existing BurnieMoon holders. SO, when a whale sells they are actually forfeiting a portion of their tokens of which are deposited directly into the wallets of our community of hodlers. What does this mean for you? This means that over time as whales cash-in, your holdings will grow and grow and grow in token count.

We believe that a high-tide lifts all ships

In addition to regular and automatic token redistribution, the BurnieMoon team will reward the small and medium holders on a weekly basis via a lottery and resulting airdrops boosting their token ownership up in rank within our community. This is an effort to make BurnieMoon a community where the little guy doesn’t continually get screwed over.


Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse



quadrillion tokens

charity tax
Every time tokens are bought and sold, 1% of the transaction will be deposited into our Charity Wallet

burn tax
Every time tokens are bought and sold, 2% of the transaction will be removed from the supply— reducing supply creating more demand.

token redistribution tax
Every time tokens are bought and sold, 3% of the transaction will 
be redistributed to our token holders of record